Diseases of the cardiovascular system are the main cause of death worldwide and there is high need for a better understanding of molecular disease mechanisms and improved therapy. Non-coding RNA molecules have come into focus of cardiovascular research, as they control key processes in the cardiovascular system and as successful manipulation in disease models in vivo underscores their therapeutic potential.

To foster research on non-coding RNA in the cardiovascular system, the German Research Foundation DFG has approved funding for a new transregio collaborative research center including five institutions under the leadership of the Technical University of Munich and the Goethe University Frankfurt. Over the next four years, the consortium will receive funding of ~11 million €, with the option of continuation. The intention of the interdisciplinary and cross-locational collaboration is to establish a world-leading force-field of cardiovascular non-coding RNA research and thus laying foundations for new therapies for cardiovascular diseases.

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Dorothea Marquardt
Project Coordination
Fax: 089 4140 - 3261